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Humboldt-Copenhagen Conference 2013

::: Recent Developments in Financial Econometrics :::

14 - 16 March 2013, Berlin, Germany
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Why Do We Need Sponsors?

Sponsorships are a valuable contribution to the conference. They enable us not only to invite well respected international researchers but to arrange the conference with high standards while keeping the conference fees low. Moreover, an internationally well recognized conference promotes financial-market research in Berlin.

Why to Sponsor?

A sponsorship gives your company the opportunity to meet researchers and practitioners from the financial econometrics profession. We offer a platform which allows you to communicate your business idea to potential clients from both academia and practice.


Sponsorship Opportunities

We are inviting your company to become a sponsor to support the Humboldt-Copenhagen Conference 2013. The sponsorship includes the following:

  • Display of the company name and logo (at the conference webpage, in the attendant conference material and conference program),
  • Distribution of company material and give-aways together with the conference material.
Moreover, we welcome a funding of
  • one or several coffee breaks,
  • one or both lunch buffets,
  • the farewell reception,
  • the conference dinner (including eventually a dinner speech).
Appropriate acknowledgments at the opening is ensured for all sponsors.
We offer a complimentary registration for company employees to attend the conference depending on the sponsorship contribution. Other contributions that are not listed here but would make your sponsorship more appealing are always welcome.

More information about sponsorship opportunities can be found here.